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“Louise Page is an independent singer/songwriter based in Memphis, TN. She is a classically trained pianist with a degree in Creative Writing from Rhodes College. Her raw vocals, intricate lyrics, and piano prowess create a genre bending musical chamber punk experience. She released her first EP “Salt Mosaic” in 2017, and her follow up EP ”Simple Sugar” in 2018, followed by an east coast tour. Her first full length album “Silver Daughter”, recorded at Young Avenue Sound in Memphis,TN, was released in 2019. Page released her first solo album "Play Nice" in 2021, which highlights the strength of her lyrics and piano playing. 

Page has achieved recognition for her artistry several times in Memphis, TN - receiving a Best of Memphis accolade in 2019 for "Best Singer", having multiple music videos featured in the Indie Memphis Film Festival including winning an audience favorite award for "Paw in the Honey" (directed by Laura Jean Hocking) in 2020, and being honored in the Memphis Flyer's "20 under 30" class of 2022. 

Page performs both as a solo pianist and also with a full band- backed by a classically trained eclectic group of musicians that includes violin and horns. For fans of Fiona Apple, Regina Spektor, and Lana Del Rey.”

"I am deeply interested in using music as a way to bring communities together. If there is a cause that helps disadvantaged communities- queer folx, POC, women, the homeless- music, specifically live shows, can be a way to bring light and love to that cause and that community in an exuberant and accessible way."

—Louise Page

Memphis Flyer 1/26/2022

We Are Memphis 1/05/2023

Memphis Current

Focus Midsouth 6/01/2019

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